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Country: Belgium

City: Turnhout

School: Heilig Grafinstituut

Teacher: Frederic Peeters

Volunteer/Mentor: Patrick Peeters

Working Languages: English, Flemish

Website: www.ColourCandy.be

Company Members

Amke Sas, 18 years

Chantal Molendijk, 20 years

Frédéric Peeters, 17 years

Hanne Lenaerts, 17 years

Jasmine Vissers, 18 years

Jeroen Raeijmaekers, 18 years

Maarten Huysmans, 18 years

Stefan Adams, 17 years

Sven Daemen, 18 years

Thibaut Vandemeulebroucke, 18 years

Thomas Dierckx, 18 years

Tommy Hin, 17 years

Brief description of the company

Our mini-enterprise sells three different kinds of colored cups with candy. We have chosen for a lot of colours because we want to support the Cliniclowns, our charity. We want to color the lives of the ill children. Besides the social aspect, we also pay attention to the environment. After a sale, we encourage the people to return the empty cups, by giving them a surprise when they return the cup. So we reduce waste.

Company Products

Red goblet

Doritos bits honey BBQ, candy mix and lolly.

Red goblet

Blue goblet

Oreo's, Doritos sweet paprika, candy mix and lolly.

Blue goblet

Yellow goblet

Lu cent waffles, candy mix and lolly.

Yellow goblet


Company Services


Colourcandy will give 10% of the porfit to cliniclowns.


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