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Country: Belgium

City: Gent

School: Sint Paulus Instituut

Teacher: Rik Dhollander

Volunteer/Mentor: Rudy Parmentier

Working Languages: English, Flemish

Company Members

Alexander De Palmenaer, 17 years

Aurélie De Bondt, 17 years

Cédric De Meulemeester, 17 years

Joyce De Schamphelaere, 17 years

Justine Hillaert, 17 years

Kobe Verhauwaert, 17 years

Rodric Colombien, 18 years

Sophie Van Cauwenberghe, 17 years

Ward Van Bever, 18 years

Brief description of the company

We make selfmade, ecological and environmental friendly photo frames. We use recycled wood and paint based on water, which doesn't hurt the environment.

Company Products

Photo frame

It's a classic photo frame in which you can put your photos. The frame is fully ecological.


Company Services


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