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Country: Belgium

City: Kapellen

School: Mater Salvatorisinstituut

Teacher: Sofie Verhoeven

Volunteer/Mentor: Sofie Verhoeven

Working Languages: Flemish

Website: www.watch-me.be

Company Members

A. Dillen, 19 years

C. Van Sande, 17 years

I. Ost, 19 years

J. Denis, 17 years

J. Huybrechts, 18 years

J. Lossie, 18 years

L. Janssens, 18 years

M. De Beukelaar, 17 years

R. Clarijs, 18 years

V. Chantillon, 17 years

Brief description of the company

Our young enterprise, WATCH ME, consists of ten committed 6th form business students. Our goal is to make people feel safe in traffic. With our products, parents no longer need to worry whenever their child leaves for school on foot or by bicycle. Using our bike lights, tire valves or reflectors, they will be visible and actually stand out in traffic! WATCH ME not only offers goods but provides services as well. We organise traffic game afternoons for primary school children, in order to teach them how to behave in everyday traffic situations.

Company Products

WATCH ME-tire valve

Our WATCH ME tire valve is a nifty gadget that you can place over the valve on your bicycle tire. It lights up and adds a glowing effect to your bike once you start riding it. They are available in different colours and cost only €3.99 VAT included.

WATCH ME-tire valve

WATCH ME-bike light

Imagine you want to leave by bike at night, but suddenly one of your bike lights doesn’t work anymore. To solve this problem we offer handy silicon LED bike lights which can be fixed easily to the steering wheel. They are available in different colours and cost only €2.99 VAT included.

WATCH ME-bike light

WATCH ME-reflectors

Our WATCH ME reflector is a strip of eight reflective stickers that can be stuck on the rim of your wheel to improve the visibility at night. They are It is available in different colours and costs only €1.99 VAT included.

WATCH ME-reflectors


Company Services


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