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Country: Bulgaria

City: Velingrad

School: Vasil Levski High School

Teacher: Liudmyla Ryzhuk

Volunteer/Mentor: Evgeniya Georgieva

Working Languages: Bulgarian, English, Russian

Website: casecompany98.wix.com/case

Company Members

Birsena Furgyova, 16 years

Borislav Lulin, 16 years

Dimitriyka Avramova, 16 years

Emanuil Nikolov, 15 years

Haamed Harira, 16 years

Iliya Dobrev, 16 years

Slavina Nanova, 16 years

Yordanka Furnadzhieva, 16 years

Zdravka Bashkehayova, 17 years

Brief description of the company

We are C.A.S.E. A student company with 9 participants from 10th grade. We want to bring young people to desire a better education, ecological thinking, secure and healty environment which leads them to a better future. Every single one of us takes an important role in the making of the final product.

Company Products


The case is made from silicon with specially added shungite. There are 2 models, each for a different phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5). The shungite is present in the form of dust. It makes the very dangerous to the health UHF (ultra high frequency) waves, by reducing their effect from 3 to 9 times.



Company Services


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