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Diverse Art

Diverse Art

Country: Bulgaria

City: Plovdiv

School: NHG"Tsanko Lavrenov"

Teacher: Boris Bogdanov

Volunteer/Mentor: Samuil Marinov

Working Languages: Bulgarian, English

Website: www.diverseart.tk

Company Members

Aleksander Skerlev, 17 years

Dimitar Petrov, 16 years

Philip Krustev, 17 years

Raya Shentova, 18 years

Company Products


Company Services

Design, Branding and Print

We provide a full service from concept to the end product. We work in the field of graphic design and our services are as follows: -Design -Trademark design -Logo Design -Print -Posters -Flyers -Banners And any other form of advertisement related to graphic design you could imagine.


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