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Country: Italy

City: Castellanza


Teacher: Pagani Loris


Working Languages: English

Website: www.aurat.tk

Company Members

Antonio Santoro, 18 years

Davide Antony Anfuso, 19 years

Francesca Crespi, 17 years

Gianmario Casula, 17 years

Mattia Summa , 17 years

William Coppola, 18 years

Brief description of the company

We are six students, we attend the fourth class at ISIS Facchinetti of Castellanza (VA) Italy . We believe that we can use humour and laughter in a variety of therapeutic situations. Research into the use of therapeutic humour tells us it has the power to motivate, alleviate stress and pain, and improve one’s sense of well being. We are confident in our work and believe we will have a positive impact on patiens at the Children’s Hospital. We present a performance with a large number of robots.

Company Products


Company Services

A.U.R.A.T. Project

We present a performance at Children's Hospital with a large number of robots. Through the A.U.R.A.T. Project patients have the opportunity to forget their troubles and enjoy creative and imaginative exploration.


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