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Country: Italy

City: Castellanza

School: ISIS Facchinetti

Teacher: Ornella Pili


Working Languages: English, Italian

Website: cloud-tech.azurewebsites.net/

Company Members

Andrea Aspesi, 18 years

Beniamino Osculati, 17 years

Carlos Bolivar Ramirez Farfan, 20 years

Federico Macchi, 17 years

Giorgio Armiraglio, 17 years

Luca Pizzolato, 17 years

Matteo Maria Terzuolo, 18 years

Mirko Ziliani, 18 years

Nicolas Mele, 18 years

Stefano Covalero, 17 years

Brief description of the company

We are CloudTech, a StartUp borned in Castellanza that works to find solutions to connect things to people.Our mission is helping people, creating products to improve our lives.Our technologies are situated in the Cloud, to improve their performance and being always available.

Company Products


RoadIce is a device that improve human possibility approaching the world of things and human's one; it uses some sensors to detect the real presence of the ice on the roads. We have created a system to improve the safety on the road, reporting ice formations and fixing it. Like our tradition, our softwares work on the cloud, to improve their performance and being always available. This is not the end, we are developing other things to improve the potentiality of our innovating system. It saves a lot of lives and it's cheap too!



Company Services


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