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Country: Italy

City: Torino

School: Maria Ausiliatrice

Teacher: Maurizio Riva

Volunteer/Mentor: Valeria Gabriele

Working Languages: English, Italian

Website: melinda01.wix.com/pickapp

Company Members

Alice Boasso, 16 years

Francesca Conte, 16 years

Francesca Rubiola, 16 years

Giulia Bonavita, 16 years

Giulia Parusso, 18 years

Letizia Di Rosa, 18 years

Lucrezia Periotto, 17 years

Maria Enrica Collura, 16 years

Melinda Castaldi, 17 years

Michele Rapa, 16 years

Morena Messana, 16 years

Stefania Marino, 16 years

Virginia Alyssa Pisu, 16 years

Brief description of the company

Our company, PickApp, aim to connect different people with same passions. In fact, we created a carpooling application, which allows users to offer or request rides for specific events. We also added a social aspect: after the ride you can take and share a selfie on the most known and important social networks. Besides this you can give a feedback of your experience and value the application. This application is wallet-friendly, eco-friendly and friendly because of all the qualities that makes it innovative and different from the similar apps. PickApp is our new idea of trasportation.

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