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Country: Macedonia

City: Skopje

School: SUGS Gimnazija Nikola Karev

Teacher: Snezhana Boshkovska


Working Languages: English

Website: www.auxilium.com.mk

Company Members

Ana Stefanovska, 18 years

Irena Predarska, 18 years

Iva Kitanov, 18 years

Stefani Stojanovska, 18 years

Brief description of the company

Name: Auxilium Location: St.:"11 Oktomvri”- Skopje The activity of the enterprise Auxilium is runnig a canteen located in the center of Skopje which is opened 12 hours a day and offers warm meals and every kind of food and drinks for the homeless people. We cooperate with bigger markets that give us packed food and with bakeries that give us bread. The companies in Macedonia also want to help and their contributions are always welcomed. Emploees are one manager, two cooks and 6 young volunteers who have strong will to help.

Company Products


We are ready to cook any kind of food to satisfy every homeless man.


Company Services

Food and hygiene

To provide assistance and service for homeless people. Giving free food and hygiene.


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