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Country: Malta

City: Msida

School: G.F Abela Junior College

Teacher: Ms. Karen Buttigieg

Volunteer/Mentor: Mr. Anthony Ellul & Ms. Elizabeth Pulo

Working Languages: English, Maltese

Website: www.conexusmalta.com

Company Members

Adrian Cutajar, 16 years

Antonio Cutajar, 16 years

Dejan Darmanin, 16 years

Manuel Grech, 17 years

Mariah Mangion, 16 years

Owen Aquilina, 16 years

Ryan Attard, 17 years

Brief description of the company

Conexus- A Young Enterprise Company, has been developing a budgeting and expense-recording mobile application which is now available on the App Store and is free of charge. This mobile application, rightfully named "Budget Manager- PFA", was created with the aim of aiding an individual with creating and keep within one's budgeted amounts.

Company Products

Budget Manager - PFA

The Budget Manager - PFA (Personal Financial Assistant) is a great way for users to set aside some money that can be spent each day. The application will effortlessly answer the commonly asked question- "How much should I spend today?" Using it's simple yet modern user interface, the application will allow you to: -Add your daily transactions -Set a monthly Budget -Set a one-off Budget -Track where your money is mostly being spent in the overview tab. The mobile application will automatically calculate an individual budget, based on the user's entered amount. As previously mentioned,one has the choice of two types of budgets: The monthly budget and One-Off Budget. With the monthly budget type selected the app will calculate the user's daily amount of budget for the month (information of the budgeted amount for the week is also present). Conversely, with the One-Off Budget type was has the full amount of budget, which will decrease once the user has entered an expense. Start saving money today with Budget Manager.


Company Services


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