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CURR€NT a Young Enterprise Company

CURR€NT a Young Enterprise Company

Country: Malta

City: Birgu

School: De La Salle College

Teacher: Ms Riann Muscat

Volunteer/Mentor: Mr Oliver Attard

Working Languages: English

Website: https://www.facebook.com/current.ja.ye

Company Members

Anne Camilleri, 16 years

Joseph Barbara, 16 years

Kane Palmier, 16 years

Kay Dimech, 17 years

Kim Restall, 16 years

Lisa Abela, 16 years

Malcom Manara, 16 years

Nicole Tabone, 17 years

Brief description of the company

Our company's main aim is to make store shopping more straight forward and simple by organizing all the types of stores in a specific location. To avoid having the need of a customer research about all the shops in existence beforehand, but rather knowing which road and town to go to for their particular desired item.

Company Products


Company Services


CURR€NT is a web-app in which the user can search for any type of clothing and then the app provides them with a list of shops within a specific area. The app will also have a database of the shops currently having a discount/sale for the user's ease not to miss any sales, apart from other various features. We believe that every individual should have such information readily available to their convenience. http://www.current-jaye.com/



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