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Nutritree a Young Enterprise Company

Nutritree a Young Enterprise Company

Country: Malta

City: Kappara

School: St. Edwards College

Teacher: Mrs. Felice

Volunteer/Mentor: Mr. Jochen Lenders

Working Languages: English

Website: www.facebook.com/ye.NutriTree

Company Members

Anna Aloisio, 16 years

Malik Khalifa, 17 years

Marcus Laffoucriere, 16 years

Mert Gülen, 17 years

Paul Kathmann, 16 years

Puk Van Spall, 16 years

Rebecca Bonello Ghio, 16 years

Sam Vassallo, 16 years

Brief description of the company

We want to provide a variety of people with the opportunity to consume health conscious, yet delicious, snacks. The purpose of this product is to both provide a healthy snack for today’s hectic society at fair prices, and for them to practice a proper healthy conscious behavior as well as giving them the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle in order to feel better about themselfes and the world around them. Our goal is to help reduce the problem of obesity in Malta by providing a healthy, alternative and affordable snack.

Company Products

The Box

The Box is an exciting, new product with a unique approach to helping people enjoy a quick healthy snack, which would provide that extra boost of energy to get them through the day. It´s build up out of environmentally friendy card box filled with healthy and delicous snacks like raisins, nuts and flapjacks.


Company Services


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