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Country: Malta

City: Naxxar

School: Giovanni Curmi Secondary School

Teacher: Elaine Vella Magri Demajo

Volunteer/Mentor: Sarah Buttigieg And Alan Meers

Working Languages: English, Maltese

Website: https://www.facebook.com/YoungEnterprise.Opulent

Company Members

Brandon Abela, 17 years

Damian Cuschieri, 16 years

David Mallia, 16 years

Jasmine Seghatoleslami, 17 years

Jeremy Sant Fournier, 16 years

Naomi Dimech, 16 years

Petra Pace , 16 years

Brief description of the company

We are Opulent, a group of 7 students from Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School. We are creating a game to help children to be aware of environmental issues in a fun but edutcational way. Our product is a game called Litter Monster.

Company Products

Litter Monster

Opulent (A Young Enterprise Company) aims to produce a game which will input the idea of a cleaner world and its benefits, into young minds who are easily influenced through fun ways of learning. The aim of our video game “Litter Monster” is to create more awareness and teach people about the environmental problems we are facing because we believe that people should not be taught in the traditional, often forgettable and unappealing way. Our game provides a more interactive experience which will leave a lasting impact on the user. The game should create the idea that when there are people who contribute to helping the environment there will be less amount of rubbish and pollution and this will result in a cleaner environment.


Company Services


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