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Buy to GIVE UB

Buy to GIVE UB

Country: Norway

City: Lørenskog

School: Mailand Videregående Skole

Teacher: Anne Lise Nygård

Volunteer/Mentor: Sanne Skjørland

Working Languages: Norwegian

Company Members

Aurora Råken, 17 years

Inga Kristin Lindberg, 17 years

Ingvild Steinsrud, 18 years

Kamilla Skjørland, 17 years

Madelene Paulsen, 18 years

Brief description of the company

We are a company with five girls, who's gathering clothes from people who doesn't need it anymore, and arranges a social get-together for teenager girls where we sell these clothes. The leftovers of clothes and a share of our money will go to Fattighuset in Oslo. We are setting up our first arrangement 4th march.

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