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EnkelTech UB

EnkelTech UB

Country: Norway

City: Asker

School: Asker Videregående Skole

Teacher: Beate Baist Hallgren


Working Languages: English, Norwegian

Website: enkelmatte.no

Company Members

Din M. Mohammadi, 18 years

Espen Høgstedt, 17 years

Johannes Kvamme, 18 years

Peter Rydberg, 18 years

Brief description of the company

EnkelTech UB's goal is to create a simpler day by using simple technology. Our first target is childern's struggle with math, Lots of children are demotivated when it comes to working with mathemathics. They would rather play games on their iPads. Our goal is the make maths more entertaining by easy-to-understand summaries and entertaining games

Company Products


Company Services


Enkelmatte.no is our service, a math website for children aged 6 to 13 in Norway. On our webpage, children will be able to do tasks, earn rewards and read up on topics. This service is intended to make maths more entertaining. Statistically, youth who struggle with math did not enjoy math at a young age. Thus, we chose to work on this. Part of the site will be a pay-once feature to unlock, while some parts is open to all.


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