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Aqua Synergy

Aqua Synergy

Country: Romania

City: Ploiesti

School: Colegiul National

Teacher: Cocuz Ileana

Volunteer/Mentor: Visinescu Violeta

Working Languages: English, Romanian

Company Members

Adrian Ioan, 16 years

Cosmin Ciocîrlan, 17 years

Mihai Petre, 16 years

Sebastian Plestiu, 17 years

Tudor Donciu, 17 years

Brief description of the company

We are a young company, which was born out of human desire for synergy between the people of Earth and the waters of the planet. Because those waters produces substantial damages annually in many areas of our country and worldwide, we are trying to help people control and tame the wrath of the waters throughout innovative systems.

Company Products

System for flood control

Our solution is a system, designed with modern technology and materials, for rivers with a major flooding risk. This system lengthens the river bed by using walls of reinforced concrete attached to the bank over the usual water-level, with horizontal drainage channels connected like a funnel to a pipeline that leads to a water treatment facility. How does it work? Whenever the water-level grows past the normal level,the water excess drops into the drainage and travels through the pipeline to the water treatment facility,thus creating electric energy. What does it solve? Firstly, it solves a flood’s negative effects and, secondly, the clean water problem in the affected areas.Ultimately, it creates a minumum of electric energy to power the water treatment facility.


Company Services


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