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Country: Serbia

City: Belgrade

School: Gradjevinska Tehnicka Skola

Teacher: Nenad Stevanovic

Volunteer/Mentor: Veljko Jovanovic

Working Languages: English, Serbian

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HOPE-GT%C5%A0-201415/1382932131999518

Company Members

Aleksandra Colaric, 17 years

Gordana Dimkovski, 18 years

Katarina Andjelkovic, 17 years

Luka Misic, 17 years

Milica Kocic, 18 years

Milica Lazarevic, 18 years

Nenad Ristic, 17 years

Petar Simic, 17 years

Stefan Nesic, 17 years

Veljko Jovanovic, 17 years

Vuk Tadic, 17 years

Brief description of the company

The company exist seven years and every year make new sort of products and activities. The most of these activities are humanitarian and social works and products such are exibitions, shows, sport tournaments etc. From that activities we raised money as profit with social benefits, to help and support different groups or individuals that money brings them neccessary medicals. We also make products with ecological and health purpose, to bring salary for our company members. Each year we sell it on company fairs or on special days when it happens in our school.

Company Products


Company Services


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