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Country: Serbia

City: Kursumlija

School: Gimnazija,Kursumlija

Teacher: Sanja Denic

Volunteer/Mentor: Sanja Denic

Working Languages: Serbian

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Brief description of the company

We are Orange company from Kursumlija. We are founded in 5.12.2012. like social company. Our company makes slatko of orange peel, kiwi, bannana, pomegranate and pineapple. Part of the profit that we made from selling the slatko we then donated to a community kitchen in the city Kursumlija where over 2000 people registered for free lunch. Also, there are many talented people in our town, but because of lack of resources young people who belong to marginalized groups can't express their talent, so we decided to help them by opening gallery from money we earn by selling our products.

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