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Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

School: Col·legi Montserrat

Teacher: Anna Serra


Working Languages: English, Spanish

Website: http://hoppyhelp.wix.com/hoppy

Company Members

Cristina Santaolalla , 16 years

Júlia Pérez, 15 years

Núria Busquets, 15 years

Paula Calderón, 15 years

Brief description of the company

Hoppy is a company that wants to help ill children that live in hospitals so that they can live happier and be close to their families. For this, we have created some phone cases which are design by the ill children, and with the money that we collect we are going to help to their parents (focusing more int he parents that live far away from Barcelona). We also contacted a hotel chain to offer rooms for these parents that live far away.

Company Products

Social Phone Cases

This phone cases aren't just normal cases. With these cases you are paying the stay of he parents that live far away from Barcelona so they can see their ill children more often. And, also, these cases are designed by the ill children that live in hospitals. In these cases they draw and write their feelings.


Company Services


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