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Country: Spain

City: Madrid

School: International College Spain

Teacher: Ms Garcia

Volunteer/Mentor: Ms Garcia

Working Languages: English, Spanish

Company Members

Alex Terzibachian, 17 years

Christian Nielsen, 17 years

Paloma Sabater, 17 years

Tomas Hornos, 17 years

Brief description of the company

Communication is an essential tool as communities are increasingly global. It is common to encounter people from different nationalities in any city. It is crucial to promote tolerance through understanding; and integration through education. For this, we must do away with barriers due to communication. Four hopeful social entrepreneurs have created Iconnect to help. • A messaging system available in multiple platforms which facilitates communication regardless of languages used. • Aimed at all segments because of its usefulness, but it will best serve immigrants. Our inspiration rises from 11 years of a multicultural education where tolerance and integration is celebrated.

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