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Country: Spain

City: Gandia

School: Colegio Los Naranjos

Teacher: Francisco


Working Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Company Members

Daniel Barrero, 15 years

David Valentin , 17 years

Giada Meneghetti, 16 years

Maria Sales, 15 years

Raquel Prats, 16 years

Sergi Velló, 15 years

Brief description of the company

Leaphe is an organic cosmetic company founded by young entrepreneurs. We create healthy and safe products for our body and environment with natural and organic ingredients based on science. We've studied the properties of our ingredients, formulating our products so they're able for people with atopic skin or allergies. Our mission is to make people realize of the dangers of common cosmetics and makeup. So we offer a cruelty free alternative to them. Our products aren't tested on animals. They are 100% vegetarian, and of course free of harmful ingredients as SLS, parabens, petroleum derivates, nano-particles, aluminium or synthetic parfumes.

Company Products


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