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save it

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

School: Col·legi Montserrat

Teacher: Anna Serra

Volunteer/Mentor: Anna Serra

Working Languages: English, Spanish

Website: www.lockitsaveit.weebly.com

Company Members

Bruno Circuns, 16 years

Gemma Biada, 15 years

Inés Arroniz, 15 years

Maria Boixareu, 15 years

Pol Mellado, 15 years

Brief description of the company

Save it is a company that offers a package as a product in which there is a lock with the skyline of Barcelona, a map of the city and a leaflet with information. Our company aims to help reduce theft in the city mainly produced by pickpockets and provide more security and information to tourists. With our product, people can stroll through the city calm knowing that your bag or backpack is perfectly protected.

Company Products

Save it

Our product is a package with objects that help tourists to inform and protect the insecurity of the street, of which they are unaware. Save it includes a combination lock custom designed with the silhouette of Barcelona. Its design is elegant and simple and provides for saving it as "souvenir" travel souvenir and this charming city. The lock is inside a transparent box that reveals our product and its presentation is stylish. Save it also includes a map of Barcelona, and an information booklet which identifies and reports on areas where pickpockets frequent. In the prospectus there are tips to prevent theft or where and who to call in case the customer is stolen.

Save it


Company Services


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