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Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

School: Col·legi Montserrat

Teacher: Anna Serra


Working Languages: English, Spanish

Website: http://suonocompany.weebly.com/

Company Members

Carla García, 16 years

Itziar Viana, 16 years

Julia Morreres, 15 years

Mario Tirador, 16 years

Martí Renard, 15 years

Brief description of the company

Suono is a social company focused on people dependent of a medicine and that they need to have controlled it every day. Suono has created for this people a system formed by two small devices; the first one is placed in a necklace that the patient will wear, and the second will go inside the medicine. The objective is to give a solution for forgetfulness. The devices are connected wireless, so when the users move in a certain distance from the medicine, the necklace alarms them with a whistle. Suono offers a new product combining technology, design and social care.

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