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Country: United Kingdom

City: Cambridgeshire

School: Abbey College

Teacher: Mr A Thompson


Working Languages: English

Company Members

Caleb Adaway, 18 years

Hannah Lawton, 18 years

James Arnold, 18 years

Josh Rule, 18 years

Kate Saxby, 18 years

Katy Tye, 18 years

Tom Cuthbert, 18 years

Brief description of the company

Bee-Kind is a new company that helps to educate and support our bee population. The business manufactures and sells Bee homes for the solitary bee to increase the population size, as well as using the knowledge of the company to support local schools and the environment. The company aims to not only generate a profit from selling homes, but to increase awareness of the problem faced by the reduction in the bee population and the understanding of the different types of solitary bee within the UK.

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