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Country: United Kingdom

City: Kent

School: Tonbridge Grammar School

Teacher: Mr McDaid


Working Languages: English

Website: https://www.facebook.com/deakinyecompany

Company Members

Alexandra Hann, 16 years

Ayokansola Ayo-Adeyemo, 16 years

Benedict Hollamby, 16 years

Dom White, 17 years

Elena Rose, 17 years

Ella Seagrove, 17 years

Ellie Cauvain, 16 years

Ellie Clinton, 17 years

Emily Lobley, 17 years

Erin Dapper, 17 years

Erin Funnell, 16 years

Harriet Conley, 16 years

Imogen Rogers, 16 years

Laura Anderson, 17 years

Leon Wise, 17 years

Lucy Cain Miller, 16 years

Lucy White, 17 years

Lydia Bunt, 16 years

Michaela Haynes, 16 years

Naomi Hindley, 16 years

Niamh Dooley, 17 years

Preet Lalli, 16 years

Rachel Macmillan, 16 years

Raquel Costa, 16 years

Brief description of the company

Deakin is a Young Enterprise company from Kent, England. We have developed a range of glass drinking tumblers which are made using recycled glass bottles. The company is dedicated to promoting a culture of business which is conscientious of its impact on the environment and strives to involve the local community in its ventures. Our principal product, the 'Message on a Bottle' glass tumblers, are environmentally sustainable in three aspects: the glass is sourced from donated, used bottles; water is re-used during production; and the production process is based on manual labour instead of electricity and machinery.

Company Products

Deakin Bracelets

Faux leather bracelets in assorted colours with metal charms.

Deakin Bracelets

Message on a Bottle

The main product Deakin sells are our ‘Message on a Bottle’ glass drinking tumblers, made from recycled glass bottles. They have one of our four smoothie recipes printed on the side of the glass including ‘Many a Berry’, ‘Kiwapple Kick’, ‘Tropical Twist’ and ‘Super Smoothie.’ The Message on a Bottle logo is on the other side of the tumbler. We have a unique process to make our tumblers, carried out entirely by hand by members of Deakin. We have aimed to make the process as environmentally-friendly and energy efficient as possible

Message on a Bottle
Message on a Bottle
Message on a Bottle
Message on a Bottle


Company Services


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