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Country: United Kingdom

City: Belfast

School: Rathmore Grammar School

Teacher: Mr Higgins

Volunteer/Mentor: Michael McMorris

Working Languages: English

Company Members

Aoife Legget, 16 years

Eamonn Corrigan, 17 years

Katie Nelson, 16 years

Olivia Oconnor, 17 years

Shannon Bradley, 16 years

Company Products

Ski Hoodies

We were offering a range of personalised ski goodies that were sold at £25 to our fellow students at Rathmore Grammar School and managed to sell nearly 90 hoodies.

Christmas Baubles

To get everyone in the festive spirit we decided to sell personalised Christmas tree baubles that were sold at 60p each or 2 for £1.

Soar or Swim

We came together as a group and decided to become a social enterprise aiming our product at tackling a social issue in our society. This Children's book was written by us to try to teach children in a fun and creative way to accept themselves for who they are and others for who they are so that everyone to them is equal. Hopefully this can reduce racist, sectarian or bigoted abuse towards all kinds of people in the future, all thanks to teaching the younger generation a basic moral.


Company Services


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