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Youth Culture

Youth Culture

Country: United Kingdom

City: Hull

School: South Hunsley School

Teacher: Sarah Barley

Volunteer/Mentor: Chris Goodman

Working Languages: English

Company Members

Amy Keane, 15 years

Antonia Latham, 15 years

Harry Johnson, 15 years

Joseph Park, 15 years

Matthew Dannatt, 15 years

Patrick Murray, 15 years

Teddy Muyuana, 15 years

Brief description of the company

We have created a discount card for young people aged 11-17. There are two reasons for this; 1. To promote local businesses who have been struggling since the recession. 2. To help young people, who have the least disposable income of all, to receive discounts in shops. Benefits 1. Local businesses benefit from more business through promotion and advertising and can enjoy repeat business as the card is used 2. Young people are given discounts so avoid over-spending on products that can be discounted for others e.g. students, OAP's. Red5, Bronx, Mr Chu are some of the large businesses on-board

Company Products

Discount Card

The card that customers will use


Company Services


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